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BCBEC Members - Manufacturer / Supplier

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Adex Systems
         Kaylen Bao
         Dave Barriault
         John Macleod
         Kent Proctor
Alumil North America  
         Igor Rostotskyy
AR EPS Foam Corp.
         Raj Gill
Carlisle SynTec Canada
         Elizabeth Agar
         Mike Alexiau
         John Austin
Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd. Click to go to the website of Cascade Aqua-Tech
         Curt Derrick
         Joe Sample Click to email Joe Sample
         Scott Thomas
Centra Windows Inc. Click to go to the website of Centra Windows Inc.
         Anton Van Dyk Click to email Anton Van Dyk
Convoy Supply Ltd. Click to go to the website of Convoy Supply Ltd.
         Jim Matsuo Click to email Jim Matsuo
         Dave Godmaire Click to email Don Godmaire
         Derek Dixon
         Bruce Denny
         Scott Biggs
         Sunny Goel
         Mitch Harley
         Clint Lundquist
         David Mathai
         Andrew Murray
         Rick Reynolds
         Monique Tute
         Cameron Webber
Cosella-Dorken Products Inc.
         Brian Knight
Dow Building Solutions
         Les Yard Click to email Les Yard
Dow Chemical Company
         Jamie Bishop Click to email Jamie Bishop
Dow Corning Corporation
         Christopher Combs
DuPont Canada Inc.  
         Ernest Kortschak
Duradek Canada Ltd.
         Winston Conyers
         Fred Culotta
Henry Company Canada Inc.
         Bruce Duffield
         Jay Simpson
ILA Marketing Group Inc.
         Alison Raes
Imasco Minerals Inc. Click to go to the website of Imasco Minerals Inc.
         Kelvin Huget Click to email Kelvin Huget
Innotech Windows + Doors Inc.
         George Nickel
         Dave Stevenson
InterCoast Building Solutions
         John Riley
I-XL Masonry
         Rob Mutch
James Hardie
         Josh O'Keefe
Mayne Coatings Corp.
         Christi Dunkley
Menzies Metal Products
         Sam Menzies
On Side Restoration Services Ltd.
         Lawrence (Lawrie) Beaton
Parex USA Inc.
         Don Fraser
Powerhouse Building Solutions
         Amy Lau
Primex Manufacturing Ltd. Click to go to the website of Primex Manufacturing Ltd.
         Terry Burdett Click to email Terry Burdett
         Leo Connell Click to email Leo Connell
Schöck Canada Inc.
         Patrick M.B. Chan
         Tracy Dacko
         Patrick McMahon
         Sean McStay  
Small Planet Supply
         Albert Rooks
SMT Research Click to go to the website of SMT Research
         Jason Teetaert Click to email Jason Teetaert
         James Kelly
Starline Windows Ltd.
         Peter Kuschnir
Sto Canada
         Ken Emsley
TEC Agencies Ltd.
         Jeffrey Dye
Tremco Sealants & Waterproofing
         Rick Seidelmann
W.R. Meadows
         Rob Lawrence

Disclaimer: The policy of BCBEC is to discourage the use of its name in any activity where product
endorsement or certification of competence is implied or expressly stated.

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