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BRC Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Building Research Committee
BC Building Envelope Council


In June, 2003 members of the Building Envelope Research Consortium (BERC) voted in favour of merging with the BC Building Envelope Council (BCBEC). With this merger BERC became a committee of BCBEC and was renamed the Building Research Committee (BRC). 

BERC was originally formed in 1995 in order to meet the immediate need to facilitate research into the building envelope problems experienced in the coastal climate of British Columbia. During this time BERC played an important role in facilitating research to improve the design, construction and maintenance of building envelopes. 

The creation of the Building Research Committee reflects the need for continued research to assist the industry in constructing effective and integrated buildings, along with the need to disseminate this research information to the parties  involved. It is also consistent with BCBEC's mission to provide a forum for the discussion and presentation of ideas, issues, information and education on the building envelope. The integration of the two organizations is a natural evolution to more effectively serve the industry.


The mandate of the Building Research Committee is as follows:

  1. Act as a "think tank" industry group to identify and discuss conceptual research and development needs within the building envelope field.  BRC does not conduct any research itself.
  2. Review industry raised concerns and issues relating to the building envelope in a representative round-table discussion / forum, and present these perspectives on issues to the industry and membership.
  3. Assist the research groups as required by:
    • Acting as a vetting organization for all areas of the building envelope industry to propose areas needing research attention.
    • Establishing industry perception of research priorities from a cross section of the industry.
    • Identifying needs of proposed research as guidelines for future Request for Proposals.
    • Providing resources for steering committee activities of research groups.
    • Encouraging a broad range of research activities in the province including those carried out by academic organizations as well as practitioners.
    • Providing a forum where research groups can compare research plans and agendas to encourage pooling of resources and joint-venturing.
    • Providing guidance as needed on improving technology transfer activities within the industry.
  4. Act as a vehicle through which the BCBEC organization can disseminate research information to the industry.  This would likely involve the hosting of future Building Envelope Research Symposiums.

Accountability and Reporting Relationship
  • The BRC operates as a committee under the authority of BCBEC.
  • A member of the BCBEC Board of Directors is assigned responsibility for overseeing the committee and its mandate.
  • Any committee documents and/or communications are prepared in accordance with BCBEC's mandate.

Committee Operations
  • A committee chair and/or secretary will be appointed by members of the committee.
  • Meetings will be scheduled at least twice per year, and can also be called on an adhoc basis. Consideration should be given to linking BRC meetings to other events such as BCBEC luncheons.
  • BRC will primarily function on a volunteer basis, and utilize the administrative help of BCBEC and research partners as necessary.
  • Committee activities will be financially self-sufficient, with funding supplied by the participants and research partners where required.


The committee will be composed of interested parties from across the building envelope industry.  At least one representative from each of the following groups should be invited to be represented at the BRC:

  • BCBEC Board of Directors
  • Previous year's committee chair and/or secretary
  • Architectural Institute of British Columbia
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia and ASST
  • BC Housing and provincial Ministries involved in building envelope repair (Education, Finance)
  • Building Owner/Property Manager organizations (PAMA, BOMA, BCAOMA, ROMA)
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Co-operative Housing Federation of BC, BC Non-Profit Housing Association
  • Developers (U.D.I. etc.)
  • Educational Institutions (BCIT, UBC, etc.)
  • Government representatives (Federal, Provincial, Municipal as requested.  In addition to CMHC, federal agencies to include NRCAN, NRC/IRC, Public Works)
  • Home builders (CHBA-BC, GVHBA, etc.)
  • Homeowner Protection Office
  • Homeowners
  • Insurance/warranty providers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Real Estate (UBC Licensing, BCREA, Real Estate Council)
  • Representatives from the City of Seattle and Washington State
  • Research Organizations (e.g., Forintek)
  • Testing agencies
  • UBCM
  • Others as deemed necessary

Disclaimer: The policy of BCBEC is to discourage the use of its name in any activity where product
endorsement or certification of competence is implied or expressly stated.

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